Patchnotes 2.6.8 [Maintenance 14.07.2021]

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Maintenance 14.07.2021
Game version is now 2.6.8

* With this maintenance we made the fusion with success, now Ascension and Rise becoming one, and a new chapter will come very soon, The Great Conqueror.
A new era of PvP is rising in the Lands of Rodnia.

A few information about this fusion:
  • If an account name from Ascension was already taken on Rise, then the account has at the end, the termination "_s2", for example if your username was "rodniatest" and existed on both servers, not the one from Ascension is "rodniatest_s2".
  • Login to the website and go to the User Panel, there you will find an option to change your username with another one that is not taken if you wish. This option is available only for those who have the account name with "_s2" at the end.
  • Same goes for the character names that were the same too, but for those from the S2 that had their name modified by us received in the Item-Shop storage a Change Name Scroll(Untradeable) to change their name.
  • One more thing that we made to remake the market prices was to close all offline shops and add the items in offline shop's safebox!

  • Upgraded the game to DirectX 9 for better graphics, also made some really big improvments to the FPS of the game.
  • Added a new button to activate all reinforcements as suggested -> Preview here
  • Added an option in the options just to keep the drop names visible as suggested -> Preview here

  • Removed time description from Flamed Costume.
  • Removed a log from Offlineshop that was for debug.
  • Lava & Storm Earrings duration increased to 30 days.
  • Added Alchemist in Map2.
  • Elemental Pass crafting moved to Chen.
  • Changed the bonuses, requirements and time of Malivore/Nautilus/Cosmic/Shadow Costumes and Hairs.
  • Changed the bonuses, requirements and time of Pet Melias/Mount Malivore Beast/Pet Cosmo/Mount Galaxy/Pet Bax Warrior/Mount Armored Panda.
  • Removed all useless Mounts & Pets from Chen.
  • Removed Pet Baby Panther from the Beginner Battlepass as you already had Pet Nova from the Newcomer Chest with the same damage.
  • Replaced Wizard Costume/Hat with Tiger Earring at Beginner Battlepass.
  • Made the Novice Chests more useful.
  • Modified the drop of the Darkness Chest.
  • Focus Potion, Fury Potion, Protection Potion, Defence Potion duration extended to 30 days.
  • Added 10 minutes duration for Nautilus Clams.
  • Removed Brutal Pirate Warrior(archer type) from Ghost Pirate Dungeon
  • Increased the bonuses of Divine Shields with 5%, now at +9 you will receive +35% Race Resistance and +15% Skill Damage Resistance.
  • Now the players can open wiki through "H" key
  • Now players cant open the Wiki page in OX map, if they try to do it he get one message saying that cant do that as suggested -> Preview here.
  • Improved some of the website's functions.
  • Adjusted the taskbar buttons for have better organization at low resolutions.

  • Description time left for Shadow Ring appeared twice.
  • Coral Gifts are spawning now.
  • Possible fix for wrong text announcing that Oceanus and Serpent World Bosses should spawn.
  • Updated the description of Custom Ticket(S), removed the part with the effect because the effect is given now when you buy the effect from ItemShop.
  • Corrected Achievment System, category Summer last mission, it said you should destroy Spectre Metins instead of Snake Metins.
  • Fixed Monsters/Bosses and not required Wiki categories.
  • Minor fixes in some UI windows.
  • Now the rendering window in shop only appear if in that Shop have some item that can be previewed.
  • Now its possible close all the cube windows with escape key (before its only possible close before the player have some cube selected).
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