Unban request Andytzu #2

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22 Mar 2020, 11:01

Nickname of the blocked characters: Andytzu
I request the following arguments / proofs from the game team: I'm online all day, reported 2 bugs just yesterday, i don't get the reason for blocking this character, i am a very active player.

You have been banned for 7 days, for autopick-up.
This is proof https://youtu.be/VR7u-IXHvGo
You are blocked until on 28.03.2020 at 17 o clock.
Use of various illegal software, hack, scripts, macro, external programs designed to provide
a "boost" in the game, and decryption programs used to publish different server information, components, etc.


This is looking as you say but actually is wrong. That helper didn't even try to PM me, that was only a post hunting method. I was there, i was on discord with a friend laughing about what was happening. As you can see in the video i also had my shaman there. Those 2 chars were killed in the forest and let auto reset because i was busy on my war to farm some bosses. I got 2 monitors, when i saw the happening it was funny for me and my friend who were watching my shared screen. As you can see if you focus, there is no software, when i spammed the Z button the items were insta-picked when not i took em a little bit later, as a normal human reaction. Please review the proof. For any kind of proof, my main char is called Andytsu. As i said i'm kinda online all day due to this quarantine. Also my friend can explain everything :)

More explanations: The farmers are my shaman and my PvP char which is now banned. Any active player can tell you that i come with all my 3 characters everywhere(meley hydra malivore). Also i don't leave my farmers to grind all night as others, those has to be verify to have auto pickers not me.

EDIT: And what the hell is the point on leaving the auto picker without an auto farming software?
EDIT2: What type of autopicker pick items randomly between instant and 3 secs delay?
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23 Mar 2020, 19:18

Eşti blocat pentru 7 zile.