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20 Mar 2020, 21:31

Nickname of the blocked characters:PUNISHEeR
I request the following arguments / proofs from the game team: autopickup
My child is helping me then im not at home or iam doing something so he cant repond anything bcs he only know how to attack and pick up stuff .
i think its allowed by rule of game ,please make me unban bcs its the true that i can say!
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20 Mar 2020, 22:13

#11. Use of various illegal software, hack, scripts, macro, external programs designed to provide
a "boost" in the game, and decryption programs used to publish different server information, components, etc.

Proof : https://youtu.be/AoNWApigQeE

The account will be unlocked after 7 days. T/C