Patchnotes 2.7.5 [Maintenance 24.09.2021]

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Maintenance 24.09.2021
Game version is now 2.7.5

  • Added custom outfits.
  • Added a new item Hunter Helmet craftable at NPC Seon-Pyeong.
    This is a Helmet special made for PvM.
  • Added to Wiki PvM & PvP Guides plus System information.
  • Moved the staff list to the end of the list.
  • Replaced the dungeon rejoin window with just a simple message asking if the player wants to rejoin.
  • Disabled the offline shop in OX map.
  • You can now click on the energy crystal to remove it, you no longer need to wait 2 hours for it to get removed.
  • Made the following item bonus changes:
    • - Master Hunter Bracelet
      changed bonus Boss Resist to Strong vs. Metins/ lowered Strong vs. Boss
    • - Hunter Bracelet
      changed bonus Boss Resist to Strong vs. Metins
    • - Master Hunter Necklace
      raised the Strong vs. Metins/Boss bonus
    • - Hunter Necklace
      changed bonus Boss Resist to Strong vs. Metins
    • - Sealed Soul Earrings
      lowered HP to 2000, changed critical chance bonus to skill resistance
    • - Sealed Soul Bracelet
      added magical/physical attack bonus
  • Fixed some bugs in messenger system (friend requests not getting delivered, offline messages etc.)
  • Fixed "add friend" button from player target window.
  • Fixed a wrong text regarding double drop event.
  • Fixed a message from Hydra.
  • Fixed the hiding of pets / mounts, when they're hidden they won't get rendered and thus will improve the FPS.
  • Fixed an error for metin scale, it changed the scale for the stones for every update.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the players to remove their block_chat, stun, slow, etc.
  • You can now revive your horse using the monkey herb from the Stable Boy.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the player to wear items that weren't his level / race.
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