Patchnotes 2.7.4 [Maintenance 18.09.2021]

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Maintenance 18.09.2021
Game version is now 2.7.4

  • Added custom outfits.
  • Added a new Event Calendar, you will now be able to see in game all events based on the hour from everyone's country -> Preview
  • Added new optimization things in client, now at teleport it shouldn't load the RAM usage anymore and the models should save in cache all motions so they will not be loaded each time.
    * We will make other optimizations soon, right now we started working at cleaning the whole game of unused files.
  • Changed the whole messenger functions, now players from other channels should appear online, and staff flags should work properly -> Preview
  • Added a new method to block some farmbots.

  • Removed Summer Achivements.
  • Deleted Battlepass Shop option from NPC Chen because now the button to open the shop is on Mini-Map.
  • Now when the Search Shop its opened, the key shortcut for search items in search shop will appear in all items descriptions in Inventory and Special Storage.

  • Fixed the problem with the non-given reward at Books Collection.
  • Fixed that you couldn't enter anymore in Ghost Pirate's Cave.
  • Fixed Daily Back to School's mission, metinstones didn't count.
  • Fixed the Books Collection, it took 25 books instead of 15.
  • You can add now reinforcements on Graduation Weapon Skin set.
  • Fixed party option at Beran Setaou dungeon.
  • Fixed some bad German Translations.
  • Fixed the center position of the text's and images in tooltip (when the tooltip is resized the texts dont change the position, example of after the change -> Preview).
  • Fixed some new wings that didn't work properly -> Preview

* At the next maintenances we will focus more on reworking the existing Events and the PvP part!
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