Patchnotes 2.7.2 [Maintenance 30.08.2021]

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Maintenance 30.08.2021
Game version is now 2.7.2

  • Now is possible see the shop history through history button in offline shop panel -> Preview

  • Added 10 second mounting cooldown if you attack a player in Map1 when you are riding.

  • When the length of the item names its to big in new search shop a suffix will be added (...) and the size of the name will be reduced so as not to overlap the price of the item.
  • Added the translation of some languages for offline shop and search shop (Italian, Hungarian).
  • Now when pressed the K key the new search shop window its opened.
  • Fixed lag cause by some system with animation for wings that we wanted to add.
    We decided not to remove the mounts from now, because the lag was not related to them. If there will be further problems, we will remove them.

* Next maintenance will be on 1 September to remove the Summer Event, add the Battlepass and we will prepare a new event for you Back to School!
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