Patchnotes 2.7.1 [Maintenance 27.08.2021]

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Maintenance 27.08.2021
Game version is now 2.7.1

  • Added a new Search Shop that has a lot of new features -> Preview
    To search an item from your Inventory in Search Shop please use the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+Right mouse click
  • Added a new Offlineshop, in 2 days we will add a Sale History, where you can see what you sold and bought -> Preview
  • Added the Custom Outfits.
  • Added the chat the command "/ch" to change the channel faster. For example to go to channel 4 you need to type in chat "/ch 4".
  • Added Auto-lock at logout option when blocking the inventory so you won't need to lock it everytime you disconnect -> Preview
  • Added a new Duel option, Disable Cooked Perch.

  • You can now have 100 members in your Guild.
  • We added back the option to have mounts in Map1 because we don't think it affects the PvP.
    But if you are mounted and attack a player in Map1 you will be dismounted.
  • Boss Scrolls can't be used in Grotto of Exile(V3) anymore.

  • Fixed a wrong translation at Ranking related to Cosmic Dragon.
  • You can now change the caracters using scroll or arrow keys from keyboard to choose your character at select character window.
  • When you change your race the Horse level won't reset anymore.
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