Patchnotes 2.7.0 [Maintenance 19.08.2021]

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Maintenance 19.08.2021
Game version is now 2.7.0

  • Added the Custom Outfits.

  • Items duration from Promoter Chest was extended to 60 days.
  • Increased the price of Custom Costume Ticket(S) and Custom Hairstyle Ticket(S), and they no longer give Costume Effect Ticket when you buy them.
  • Items from Promoter Chest are now untransmutable.
  • Tanaka's Ring and Shadow Ring time changed to 30 days and expire when you are offline too.
  • You can't use autoattack in PvP Map anymore.
  • Removed demonic soul & crystal from the aegis chest
  • Changed the required items for crafting/upgrading some items
  • We listened to your suggestions and raised the damage in PvM for the 3 races(Sura / Shaman / Ninja)
  • Now you can hide your wings.

  • Fixed time for Mount Panda Armoured
  • Updated Hunter Potion and Hunter Potion(B) description
  • Fixed a problem at Achievments with collect type missions.
  • Fixed a missing translation at biologist quest level 110
  • At Achievment System, the mission "Complete the Shadow Tower" does not count.
  • When you change your race, you will loose your horse level, but now if you use the Military Horse Book it will give your horse back level 21.
  • You can enter the dungeon Jotun even if you have no pass in your inventory.
  • Fixed the emotions that did not work. (Selfie / Dance 7 / push-ups etc.)