Patchnotes 2.6.9 [Maintenance 21.07.2021]

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Maintenance 21.07.2021
Game version is now 2.6.9

  • The effect of the costume, armour or weapon is now shown in the chat, too (hyperlink).

  • Updated the bonus of the Costumes, Hairstyles, Mounts and Pets from the last update in the client. The old value was displayed in the game.
  • Hunter Potion bonus decreased from 8% to 5%.
  • Now the energy fragments are present in the special inventory of wines & ores.
  • In the login page, you can now enter directly using the enter button and you may use all the keys from f1 to f12.
  • Now it's possible to open and close the pet page using the P key (before only the open was possible).

  • Fixed the Title System.
  • Fixed the Magic Clam that could not be used at Nautilus.
  • Fixed the Coral Gifts.
  • Fixed a problem about the snow option from Game options.
  • Possible fix for the Riding Skill page (it doesn't show up sometimes).
  • Fixed a problem with "lost password" option from website..
  • Removed from the description of the 30 days potions that the time runs out only when the character is offline.
  • Fixed the bug that wouldn't let you add reinforcements on Frozen Dragon Weapon Skins & Wings.
  • At Malivore you could enter from level 115.
  • Corrected the time of Pet Eweriel.
  • Corrected the bonus for Shadow Costume, Nautilus Armour, Cosmic Costume & Malivore Hairstyle.
  • Battlepass items from this month didn't appear in search offlineshop.
  • Fixed black color as boss name color.
  • Fixed the preview tooltip information.
  • Before, it was possible to open the inventory using the "O" key (the key that opens the refinement window) without having to wait the necessary time to open the inventory, now you have to wait anyway.
  • Fixed the world boss spawn and information notices ({} problem).
  • Fixed the buy question dialog in the second page of the battlepass shop.
  • Fixed the game freeze when the key F10 was pressed.
  • All in game times are fixed now.
  • Fixed the razador and meley map images.
  • Removed the old fast equip page (F7).
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