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Patchnotes 2.6.5

Posted: 04 Jun 2021, 02:48
by Destiny

Patchnotes 2.6.5
  • Added June Battlepass, more details here .
  • Added Customized outfits.
  • Log chat window will be separated from the chat window in low resolutions too.
  • Fixed some problems that caused crash cores.
  • Fixed some issues at Vote4Coins.

  • Adăugat Battlepass-ul pentru luna Iunie, mai multe detalii aici.
  • Adăugate personalizatele.
  • Fereastra de log chat a fost separată de fereastra de chat pe rezoluţiile mici ale jocului.
  • Remediate nişte probleme care cauzau canalele să pice.
  • Remediate problemele de la Vote4Coins.