Patch 2.5.9

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Patch 2.5.9
  • Added a new Special Storage category for Chests & Ingots.
  • Added custom outfits for the last week.
  • Added Defence Potion with +5% Average damage Resistance at Baek-Go.

  • Changed Kingdom's War score window that is available on TAB.

    * We tought to make windows like the one from Combat Zone for Kingdom's War and PvP Tournament. You will be able to join the events from there, see details, when the event is starting, ranking and prizes in the same window.
    Also when the events are available and you login, you will see a notification about the fact that the event is online, like the notification with friends online.
  • Removed No-PvP check in Easter Farm maps.
  • You will not be able to see names if the player is too far to reduce lag. We did this in the past too, but it hid the effects too and we removed the change.
  • Remove actor stones aswell improve performance.
  • Coward mode will now be disabled when you hit/get hit by Bosses.
  • Made Baek-Go's 5 days potions to last 30 days and time will expire when offline.
  • Added tooltip on special storage inventory buttons.
  • Clean up and changed some design in Special Storage window.
  • Now its possible change inventory and special inventory pages with mouse wheel.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed double bonus from mount when a core crashes.
  • Fixed coward mode cooldown, now the cooldown will remain even if you teleport.
  • Fixed yang overflow - when you just open gold bars but you're already at limit. Ingots won't dissapear when you open them if you have 999kkkk Yang in inventory
  • Fixed start position of messenger window & titlebars positions for the boards we are using.
  • Fix Inventory button position.
  • Fixed potions at crafting when you had them in Reinforcements Window.

  • Adaugata categorie noua de cufere si lingouri la inventar special.
  • Adaugate personalizatele.
  • Adaugata Potiunea Apararii cu 5% rezistenta paguba medie la Baek-Go.
  • Schimbata tabela de scor de la Razboiul Regatelor.

    * Ne-am gandit sa facem ferestrele de informatii de la PvP si Razboiul Regatelor in stilul celei de la Combat Zone. Se va putea intra la event direct din acea fereastra, se vor putea vede detalii precum cand incepe eventul, top-uri si premii.
    Pe langa asta cand eventul va fi pornit o sa facem sa primiti o notificare in stilul notificarii care apare cand intra un prieten sau un membru staff pe joc.
  • Adaugat PvP in hartile de paste.
  • Numele jucatorilor nu va mai fi afisat daca jucatorii respectivi sunt la o distanta mare pentru a reduce lag-ul.
  • Facuta o modificare la pietrele metin pentru a reduce lag-ul.
  • Modul las se va dezactiva automat daca loviti sefi sau daca sunteti lovit de sefi.
  • Am facut potiunile de 5 zile sa tina 30 zile iar timpul acestora va expira si cand sunteti offline.
  • Adaugat tooltip pentur butoanele din inventarul special.
  • Puteti schimba paginile inventarului normal si special cu rotita de scroll.
Bug-uri Fixate
  • Rezolvat bonusul dublu oferit de mount cand pica un canal.
  • Rezolvat cooldown-ul modului las, cooldown-ul nu se va mai reseta daca va teleportati.
  • Lingourile nu vor mai disparea daca le deschideti cand aveti 999kkkk in inventar.
  • Rezolvata pozitionarea ferestrelor noi deschise.
  • Rezolvata pozitia butonului de inventar.
  • Rezolvata problema de la crafting cu apele din inventarul de reinforcements.
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