Looking for Translators

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Character name: Izzyy
Language: Spanish
Level of English: High
Contact(Discord/Skype): ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡ Skyy ツ#6969
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Character name: COMPETITOR
Language: Turkish
Level of Turkish: Native. My Language. I am Turkish.
Level of English: Advanced. I am an English Teacher
Contact (Discord): mrmysterious#6029
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Character name: Sleepys
Language: French,Dutch
Level of English: Advanced
Level Of French: Native
Level Of Dutch: Advanced
Contact(Discord/Skype): Discord: Sleepy#6382
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Character name: Mindfire (Banned xd)
Language: English
Level of English: Avansat / Fluent
Language: Italian
Level of Italian: Limba materna
Language: Danish
Level of Danish: Avansat
Contact(Discord): Mindfire#0017
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Character name: Neus
Language: Romanian (native + future bachelor's degree in Communication which needs a very good knowledge of grammar) + English
Level of English: Proficient
Contact(Discord/Skype): Rox#4343
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