unban ZaZuKeN

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Hello my dear admin ,

Nick: ZaZuKeN , RousseKilleR

I farm for about 10 hours a day, and I would like my account to be reviewed, including my active time and trade histories.
There were players who could not pull me in the game and constantly complained to authorized friends about using third-party software.
They did their best to spoil my enjoyment of the game and I think my accounts were unfairly closed.
I want your help in this matter and thank you for giving priority to playing your game, which I play with pleasure and I have contributed a lot to new players.

And I also want to add,
The account named PvMMod broke 14,000 metinstones in 8 hours, this is not possible, there is an unfair and unjust situation.

I think that my being the 1st in the ranking makes some people uncomfortable.

All I want is to sue my account as soon as possible and enjoy pvm, pvp to the fullest.


Dear administrator, I would like to add this, the reason for the ban is not specified.


I make a farm by watching movies like this with my 2 accounts. I would like to add that I do not communicate with anyone, I just cut the text stones and collect the items with the z key.

My mouse has a macro, I was collecting it automatically, I did not know if this is prohibited.
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